What is Glitch Forge?

Glitch Forge is a hybrid generative NFT platform that creates art that uses programming tools and raw materials to forge new art when collectors mint it. The platform exists to be a place for tool-builders and non-code-oriented artists to work together to create unique projects that couldn’t exist in a strictly code-based environment. Glitch art has always been about navigating aesthetic spaces between pure code art, wild uncontrolled errors, and combining entropy with intent. It draws from everything we love about NFTs in 2021: the platforms, the creativity, blockchain integration, and the community. The primary goal is to create a niche community platform that draws together talented artists of different kinds and gives them a chance to create hybrid art that surprises. Further, there has not yet been a platform dedicated to the dense intersection of generative art and glitch art. The key niche that Glitch Forge fills is the complex backend and custom project building that allows for a large library of imagery to function in cooperation with a code-base to produce glitch art.

Why Tezos?

Many highly creative artists, who push the boundaries of digital art, are drawn to the Tezos blockchain - one of the best reasons to explore Tezos cryptocurrency is the art culture that has grown there. It began primarily for price control and accessibility of the art, for some it was about proof-of-stake networks having a smaller carbon footprint. Ethereum gas prices are so high right now, and would likely cost ~$200-$300 just to mint a single piece. In light of this, Tezos has become a haven of many artists who either couldn’t afford to mint on Ethereum, or simply don’t want their collectors to pay the price of minting on Ethereum. While NFTs exist on other cheaper chains like Solana and Avax, we like the community and vibes of Tezos.

What artists/projects will be featured on Glitch Forge?

Artists will ultimately be chosen via extremely clandestine rituals accompanied by wooden flute in an old haunted bootlegger’s cellar. Our non-absolute criteria are as follows. Hit as many of these as possible.
  • Our focus is on "glitch" art - which for our purposes just means art that combines un-glitched materials with code processes in some fashion. Some purists demand that true "glitch" be unpredictable and almost un-reproducible. That is absolutely an art form we hold in high regard, but for practical reasons we focus on glitch *aesthetics* over actual errors and digital effects over analog (even though analog glitch art is a rich field of expression). That said, we *absolutely* want to include artists who don’t normally make glitch art, and are able to stray into the genre and offer an exciting take.
  • We’ll try not to release similar projects, so if your project resembles too closely something already released on Glitch Forge, we will help differentiate it.
  • Projects have to be glitchsthetically awesome with artistic depth.
  • Artists who have a history of successful glitch art.
  • Coders who have a talent for tool design and want to create signature works with artists.
  • Projects that embody a sublime and pristine take on classic Glitch Tropes.
  • Projects that push the boundaries of the genre forward, into new directions.
  • Projects that make a unique statement within the realm of Glitch.
  • Projects that have a broad range of output, so that every generative piece is unique.

How do I submit my art on Glitch Forge?

DM @GlitchForge or contact one of the team members. If we get overwhelmed with applications, we will formalize the process.

How will Glitch Forge differ from other NFT Platforms?

Because every project is meant to be a custom creation that combines code and raw materials, we try to hand-select projects to ensure that each collaboration is a success. We also intend to keep collection sizes relatively low. The intent is to reach a balance of scarcity and artistic quality that maintains value for investors (via secondary sale) and artists (via royalties and floor price) over a very long period of time. The artists and the collectors are the two main pillars of the community and we want to facilitate an environment for them to flourish.

Will my NFTs show up on OBJKT.com?

Yes (soon).

Will my NFTs show up on OpenSea?

No, not until they integrate Tezos.

What is the roadmap?

Our foremost goal is to establish a solid platform for the glitch community that has 100% consistency of great art. What’s true in crypto, is that if you build something great, it will grow, evolve, merge, fork, collaborate, and bring plenty of excitement. We will adapt to the quickly evolving landscape, and it will be awesome.